Monday, May 11, 2015

Crocheted Bikini - Testing in the Water

I’ve managed to test the Walkednights bikini bottom and a crocheted bikini top at the beach today. It fits, didn’t fall off, didn’t have any malfunction, in and out of the water, thank goodness! I used 3-ply yarn for the bikini bottom, and 4-ply yarn for the top.

I crocheted the bra inserts/pads and the lining. It seems using acrylic yarn for the bra inserts was good because it didn’t soak up a lot of water.

I didn’t have the time to sew a fabric lining for the bikini bottom so I wore a tiny bikini panty underneath instead.

Some important observations about the top:

  1. You really need a bra band that fits tight, snug under the bust. This can be an elastic, tie at the back or drawstring that ties at the front.
  2. You really need a good strong strap, halter in this case, that can be adjusted, preferably not too stretchy, not elastic, otherwise, it will sag down when the bra cups get wet and pull downwards. Better a good strong strap that can be tied at the back of the neck.
  3. You really need a strap that can keep the bra cups from folding forward at the sides. Folding over can happen when the cups get wet, so those lacey cup edges will droop downwards and expose you! So the straps need to be secured to the cups over a wide area, maybe at least 4 stitches towards the outer edge of the cups. Don’t trust a string!
  4. I might need to make a better design for the lacy bra band, especially at the back, so it doesn’t bunch upwards when in the water.

The bikini bottom had no problems whatsoever. The strings keep the bikini in place. Maybe a better and easier way of tightening the strings would be useful.