Crocheted Knickers

You’d be surprised how easy it is to make a pair of crocheted knickers. Get ready with your favourite close-weave crochet pattern and your favourite lace trim pattern.

This is made with Lotus Yarns Tibetan Yak fingering weight yarn in natural white colour and 2.25mm hook. It is very simple – just two rectangles crocheted separately, joined at the sides, then the crotch added. Afterwards, the legs are crocheted in the round. Waistband is crocheted all around last.

Here are progress pics:

Start with two rectangles each the size of half your hips plus an inch or so. OR, if you’re lazy, just start with a crocheted cylinder that fits around your hips.

Join the rectangles at the sides. Use stitchmarkers to mark the crotch.

Make the crotch. Usually minimum standard is 5cm wide and 16cm long.

Join the crotch from front to back. Then start crocheting the leg in the round.

Make lacey edging around the leg.

Here the legs are finished, the next is the waistband.

The waistband has gaps for ribbon. Extra rows are made so that it is folded towards the wrong side and sewn behind the gaps/ribbon.

Finished pair of lacey knickers! :)


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