Saturday, May 9, 2015

Delancholancholing Stat

“Delancholancholing Stat” is a blouse made up of crocheted motifs. There are two flower motifs and one leaf motif used here. The motifs are found in Zhurnal MOD 524. The motifs are placed over a blouse as guide. Then the motifs are sewn together at the back using polyester cotton thread.

After sewing, the holes between the motifs are then covered by small round motifs. This is crocheted onto the holes. A second way of sealing the holes is by crocheting at the back, working across the motifs and over the holes.

Below are the motifs used from Zhurnal MOD 524.

I used multi-colour crochet cotton thread size 8 and 1.24mm and 2.0mm hook for this project. I made this project partly to use of a small stash of multi-colour thread. Photos and notes on the project are below.

Motif in progress. You may use other motifs of your choice.

I start construction at the neckline. Motifs are sewn at the back.

I use a blouse as guide, putting the motifs wrong side over the blouse, then sewing together.

More motifs placed over the blouse.

I continue working, joining more motifs, without using the blouse as guide.

Front and back of the motif blouse, shown here joined at one side, then folded over to join at the other side.

Almost finished. Smaller holes between motifs need to be filled in.

A small beige colour motif fill in between the large motifs.

Here, a small motif is crocheted onto the space between the large motifs.

The small round motif being joined over the gap between the large motifs.

Another method of filling in gaps between the large motifs is by crocheting a netting at the back of the blouse, shown here.

White thread is used as filling-in netting, working at the back of the motifs.

Here is the front of the blouse with the gaps filled in at the back.

The finished blouse – all made up of crocheted motifs joined together by sewing at the back.

The finished blouse. I wore it with a wrap skirt that I sewed by hand. I used white flower motifs at the hem of the blouse because I ran out of multi-colour threads!