Hairpin Lace Popcorn Scarf

You will need:

Hairpin Lace Staple 2″ or bigger if you want a wider scarf
3mm aluminium crochet hook
South Maid Cotton 8
or any 8-ply DK weight cotton yarn
Finished scarf shown is 4.5′′ wide and 40 inches long

This pattern is for the Intermediate to Advance Level crocheter.


Make a band of hairpin crochet of desired length (+ 2 inches) with 3 sc in each loop. Make loops in multiples of 8 on each side. Remove the band completely from the staple but don’t fasten off. You will continue working around the band as follows (twist loops once when you work them):

Rnd 1: Ch 4, *sc in first loop, ch 1, sc in next loop, and do this over a total of 8 loops; ch 1, join next 8 loops with sc, ch 1, re fr * to the last loop, ch 4, sc between sc’s in end of band; ch 4, repeat the established pattern such that it alternates with the pattern along the opposite side of the band. Ch 4, sl st in sc at end of band.

Rnd 2: Ch 1, sl st in next sc and sl st up the 4-ch, now working only in back loops, work 1 sc in each sc and 2 sc in each ch sp, but do not make sc in single sc joining the 8 loops together. Work these sc’s to the last sc, then sl st down the 4-ch, sc in sc at end of band, sl st along the next 4-ch, then work sc as before along the sc’s on the opposite side of the band. Sl st in 4-ch, sc in sc at the end of band.

Rnd 3: Ch 1, work sc in all sc all around the scarf, but you must keep the wave shape of the scarf by making 2 sc in sc at the top of each upward wave, and 3sctog in 3 sc in the middle of each downward wave. To follow the curve of the scarf along the ends, you must also make 2 sc in each sc that turns the curve.

Work this way all around the scarf, then sl st in first sc to join the rnd.

Rnd 4: Ch 1, *in next sc make 5-dc popcorn, ch 2, sc each of next 5 sc, rep fr * all arounf the scarf. Fasten off. Weave in all ends and block to shape.


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