Irish Crochet Bebe Lace Motif (Shrug)

There is something called “Bebe Irish Crochet” in antique patterns and these usually consist of an Irish rose center with the double picot filling all around it. As square motif or medallion is made and can be joined together to make the lace fabric.

I have collected some examples of this “bebe Irish crochet” pattern and have decided to use them to make crochet garments. I am making the motif in size 8 cotton thread and 1.24mm hook, and came up with a shrug. Why not give it a try?


Here are various examples of the motif in antique and modern publications.


I made several motifs, join-as-you-go, to form a large rectangle that fits around my arms and shoulders.

Here is the completed rectangle. It will be joined at the sides with a gap in the middle, typical of a crocheted shrug.

Here, the rectangle is folded lengthwise and then seamed to make the sleeves.

The shrug so far – I will need several rows to go all along the front edge and back.

The shrug in progress – the ends of the sleeves also need cleaning up, a simple trim of sc and picots.

The shrug is easily constructed. In addition to this rectangle that is folded lengthwise and seamed to make the sleeves, I crocheted rows all along the sides and back of the opening of the piece, so it looks more like a bolero, as shown in this photo.

The back and front edging of the shrug is finished – now I need to make the trim and weave in ends.

The finished shrug – I made crocheted ties and wove it along the neck of the shrug and attached a ball and tassel at the end.

The finished shrug using the Irish crochet square motif, sometimes referred to in antique patterns as bebe Irish motif.


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