Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Graceful Insertion

This pattern called "A Graceful Insertion with Edging to Match" is from "The Home Art Crochet Book" (1912) edited by Flora Klickmann. The book is available freely at The Antique Pattern Library. The pattern is found on page 18 Section II, Uncommon Insertions.

I reproduce the original antique pattern above and provide a version I have edited for the modern crocheter. For the sample shown, I used crochet cotton thread size 10 and steel hook size 0.9mm. The pattern can be modified further (for example reducing 18-ch to 10-ch, an example in purple colour thread below) to make a smaller and more compact lace using larger hook and thread sizes.

A Graceful Insertion
UK crochet terminology

Ch 9, sl st in first ch to make a ring.

Row 1: *Ch 18, dc in ring, rep fr * five times more to make 6 loops of 18-ch; ch 9, turn.

Row 2: Dc in top of first 18-ch loop, *ch 5, dc in top of next 18-ch loop; rep fr * on all loops; ch 1, turn.

Row 3: In each 5-ch sp make (3 dc, 5 ch, 3 dc); ch 18, turn.

Row 4: Sk first 5-ch loop, dc in second 5-ch loop; *ch 18, dc in same loop; rep fr * two more times to make 3 loops of 18-ch in 5-ch loop; ch 18, sk next 5-ch loop, dc in next 5-ch loop; work 3 loops of 18-ch in same 5-ch loop; ch 9, turn.

Row 5: Dc in top of first 18-ch loop, dc in second 18-ch loop, dc in third 18-ch loop; ch 8, dc in 18-ch sp, ch 8, dc in each of next three 18-ch loops; ch 6, turn.

Row 6: Dc in each of next 3 dc, 4 dc in next 8-ch sp, ch 10, sl st in fifth ch to make a ring, ch 5, 4 dc in next 8-ch sp, dc in each of next 3 dc; ch 18, turn.

Row 7: Dc in ring made in previous row, repeat fr Rows 1-7 to make desired length of insertion. Fasten off.

Make the sewing-on edge as follows:

For the sewing-on edge do a row of 12 chain, 2 tr in each small loop, 12 chain, 3 tr in each longer loop, etc. Finish off with a row of dc in each tr and 18 dc in each 12-ch sp.

Modified Graceful Insertion
Here below are photos of the Graceful Insertion. I modified it to make it smaller and more compact suitable for a larger hook and thread size, 1.2mm hook and cotton size 8. I used 10-ch loops instead of 18-ch loops, and adjusted respectively. The 'sewing-on edge' along both sides of the insertion does not look good to me, so that needs to be further modified. I love how the insertion looks with just one edge worked, making it a suitable edging.