Ala Miss June Desert Bag

Some of you are probably familiar with this lovely crochet bag from Free People. I thought maybe try make one- not exactly like it - but just the idea of using a doily pattern for the bag.

The doily I chose is from Magic Crochet magazine that a crochet friend gave a couple years back. I chose this doily because it's big, beautiful and doesn't have too many large holes.

I am using 3mm hook and 6-ply cotton yarn. The bag will need a lining for sure.

A couple of modifications will be needed later - first, to make the shape, the bag seems to taper towards the top and bulge at the bottom, is there a gusset? Second, to make the scalloped trim flap and figure out how the bag closes (I see a drawstring at the opening). Third, to make the fringed accents along the bottom of the bag, and Fourth, to make the bag strap.

Let's do it! :)

Ala Miss June Desert Bag


  1. I love your thinking that goes into a project. I love that you take us through this thought process with all the trials before your finished project.

    Thx Laurie

    1. Thank you for appreciating that, Laurie!
      Fatima :)

  2. I love this! Can I have a copy of ur pattern please?

    1. Thank you Neri! Oh, I don't have a pattern, I only modified that doily ... and I didn't write down the modifications ... sorry ... But you can try your own mods, it's worth the fun and learning! :)


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