Crocheting With Recycled Fabric

In a previous blogpost, I made some yarn using some old clothes cut into strips and tied together. I use this yarn to make some flowers. Now here is a project that uses only recycled old clothes as yarn.

Here (photos below) are more flowers crocheted using different types of fabrics from old clothes.

I made several more tarn flowers and finally decided last night to make a garment with them. To join the flowers together, I used a white fabric (from an old blouse) that stretches. I also used a beige coloured fabric (from an old dress) that didn’t stretch much as I ran out of the white stretchy fabric. The stretch is needed in some areas of this garment. Below are photos of the work in progress.

Below are photos showing the front and back of the garment. If I have more flowers, I will make this into a dress. Otherwise, I will keep this as a sleeveless top. I intend to embellish this a bit with some beads and lace, and see how it goes.

The stretchy fabric used to join the flowers together is very good because it creates a fabric that can follow the shape of the body. I would like to experiment more with this next time.

Here is the finished top, made entirely of recycled old clothes cut into strips and tied together. I used the large hand-carved hook (about 9-10mm) for the flowers and crochet hook 5mm and 5.5mm for joining the flowers together. The dress form I used is a size bust 36".