Hand-sewn Wrap Skirt

This is a very quick hand-sewing project. I used a fabric called "Geena Silk." This is a cheap fabric often used for lining (in plain colour) or curtains. I loved the prints of these types of fabric and thought that they could be used to make garments and bags.

I cut the suitable size of fabric that goes around my hips and overlaps halfway. Then I sewed the edges. Next I pinned the pleats of the skirt and sewed that as well.

After sewing the edges and the pleats, I sewed the waistband over, with an open end where the straps can be sewn in later.

Here is the finished wrap skirt showing the straps. The straps are made separately. They are simply long tubes that are sewn on the wrong side, then turned inside out.

I added a slit along one side of the skirt to make walking easier! The slit isn't perfect so I'll try to make it better next time.


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