Multi-colour Thread Crochet Jewellery

In March 2011, I intended to publish patterns for crocheted jewellery using multi-colour thread. I had 6 sets of designs for earrings, necklaces, bracelets. I had several pattern testers who helped enormously in spotting errors in the patterns but for one reason or another, I never regained the confidence to publish the designs. I have always had difficulty using multi-colour threads because the colour combinations available   were often too harsh or unattractive. I wanted to come up with a way to change that. I used beads and also solid colour thread in combination with the multi-colour threads. Yet still, I wasn't satisfied with the results. One day I will get back to this project and make it better. I came up with a number of interesting stitches while making these designs and those need re-consideration even if the actual patterns will never get published.

Nevertheless, I was able to make designs from this initial effort. The patterns are freely available: Forest Candy and Seaside Butterfly - both using multi-colour thread.

Multicolor and glitter thread for knitting

Inspiring crochet jewelry

Flower motif for crochet necklace

Beads and crochet

Beads and crochet in multicolor thread

Inspiration for crochet fashion accessories

Make your own crochet earrings

DIY necklace with beads and crochet


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