Recycled Dress Kitchen Towel

We are in need of new kitchen towels. There are a few crocheted ones, but when they’ve been washed and are out drying, we need more in reserve. ;) I have this blue house dress which I don’t particularly like. So I cut it up and made it into two kitchen towels.

These are easy projects. I started these while crocheting the Amineko.

To make kitchen towels like these you need old fabric that can absorb water easily and can dry easily too. If you have suitable old dresses, you can use those too.

I cut the bodice off the skirt part of the dress. I used the skirt part of the dress for the kitchen towel. I cut the skirt part of the dress into two lengthwise, to make two kitchen towels. Then I sewed the edges of the fabric.

To make the crocheted top/holder, I used two strands of yarn. The yarns came from crochet friend Imeng. I crocheted a lace trim design which I sewed onto the fabric. To make the handle, I crocheted along the trim with a gradual decrease. I made the handle long enough so I can just tie it around the refrigerator handle or the door knob.


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