Relief Flower Bag

I used 2.5mm hook and cotton thread size 5. I started with the embossed flower motif square, joined into a strip. Then I added two rows along each long side of the strip. The rows bulge at the middle which will be the bottom of the bag when folded and seamed. The bulge is easily made by using taller stitches (start with hdc, then dc, then tr …)

Joining this row along the sides are the decorative rows of popcorn stitches and dc meshes. Then I made the strap separately, following the same pattern with the popcorn and dc mesh.

The strap is then sewn onto the bag – one end on one side of the bag, and the other end on the other side.

The seam is then crocheted, joining the two sides together. I made the seam into a kind of gusset that is wider at the base of the bag. Again, this is done by using taller stitches. (Refer to photograph above showing the seam with yellow line).

This bag was originally completed in May, 2013.


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