The Crocheted Cat

If you’re an avid crocheter, you must’ve heard of that cute crocheted cat called Amineko. Amineko was created by Nekoyama. Amineko is a Japanese word for “crocheted cat.” There is a book by Nekoyama about Amineko and her friends and how to make them: Amineko Life あみねこのいる生活 published in 2005 and Hello My Name is Amineko published in 2010.

Learn to make amigurumi cat with free pattern

Nekoyama has published the pattern of Amineko on the website webMITE. A direct link to the Amineko pattern is found at this page.

Easy to make amigurumi cat crochet pattern

I made a few Amineko to give away. Here are some photos and some notes that might help you when you make your own Amineko.

  1. To remember which round I am working on, I use a piece of yarn as stitch-marker.
  2. I made a chart (see photo below) indicating how many stitches there are in each round, as well as the number of single crochet stitches before the two-single crochet in same stitch is made. This helps me to remember the stitches and avoid making too many mistakes.
  3. I used small shells to add weight to Amineko’s feet but I didn’t stuff the arms and legs because this is a very small Amineko. I only stuffed the head, torso and mouth, and put small stones as weight at the base of the torso.
  4. Before attaching the head to the torso, I completed the face of Amineko so all the yarn ends can go in and out through the hole under the head.

I hope these notes are helpful for you when you make your own Amineko. Have fun!

Learn to modify crochet for cat pattern


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