Using a Table Mat Pattern

In October 2013, I made this blouse using motifs from a table mat pattern. The pattern came from a magazine called MAGIC CROCHET. The magazines were gifts from Linda, a crochet friend from the US. I used 2 types of yarn, both from the Turkish yarn shop, Yarn Paradise. I originally planned to make a skirt. However, the shaping was not sufficient for a skirt made up of motifs. So I made a blouse instead. The blouse is very simple, just motifs joined together with a slit in the centre for the neck. I would like to continue using the Magic Crochet magazines. I would also like to re-design this blouse. It is very large and loose and shapeless. It can be quite nice to wear but this construction needs a much better and more interesting pattern design. There were plenty of distractions at that time - the big earthquake in October and the powerful typhoon in November.

Make your own unique garment using home decor patterns.

Enjoy Magic Crochet magazines

Cheap knitting yarns from Turkey.

Where to buy cheap yarns for knitting and crochet.

Detail of free table mat crochet pattern.

Intricate motif, free pattern for mat, to modify.


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