Working with Delicate Yarn

Working with delicate yarn, this is lace-weight yak and light fingering weight silk-cashmere. Earlier, I tried making a skirt with the yak and that ended in failure. I have also made a dress with yak yarn and that did not turn out so well. I have worked mostly with cotton and have insufficient experience with very light and fine animal fibres. The blending of silk in fine animal fibre gives strength but not the elasticity I am so used to in cotton. Spending lots of time working with the fibres help understand what designs will work and will not work. Have you worked with delicate yarn? What projects did you make?

This is delicate yak yarn from Tibet.

Silk and cashmere blend yarn make this camisole a work of art.

A camisole crochet in silk and cashmere blend yarn.

I offer Bespoke crochet garments, accessories, decor and art. Here, my passion as an artist is most expressed. While Made-to-Measure begins with an existing pattern or design that will be customised or modified to suit your measurements and specifications, Bespoke begins from an entirely new concept, an entirely new pattern that is created only for you. 
In the comings days, I will present to you some of the important explorations I am currently undertaking in the creation of bespoke garments and accessories for my clients. I am hoping that by presenting the artist’s process from concept to casting and finishing, I am able to heighten your understanding and appreciation of the intellectual, creative and physical work that enters my atelier.


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