Working with Gauze Fabric

Gauze fabric is amazing, I love it. It is difficult material to work with. In the shops it is known as gauze diaper fabric because it is material used to make gauze bandages as well the traditional reusable diaper or "lampin." Over all, I am working more with fabric now.

Here are three works-in-progress: the white vest and tunic are both made with the gauze diaper fabric with crochet trims. The vest will need finishing and the tunic will need more crochet work - for the neckline, armholes, sides and hem. The red fabric is from a sheer beach cover-up that was way too large for me to wear. I cut it up and hope to make a blouse with it. At the moment, it is poncho-style. I am grappling with what design of crochet I might add to it. Do you have any suggestions?

Freedom to work with my hands

Freedom to be what I want to be

Freedom from poverty

Gauze garment with crochet trim

Delicate cotton trim for garments

Sewing by hand and the joys thereof

A beach cover-up fabric for recycling

Beautiful fabric to recycle

Hand sewing garments


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