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Hand Care for Crocheters, Knitters, Crafters

I haven't been able to crochet for quite a while now. I stopped crocheting large items for the Bespoke Crochet atelier to give my hands a rest. Earlier this month I made a small item and wrote the pattern now available in my Ravelry store . Making small items and writing patterns give my hands some rest without giving up crocheting entirely. However, while working on a new design, I realised I can't even crochet for a few minutes. Well at least, I decided not to continue crocheting as soon as I felt uncomfortable. I don't want to make things worse. I've been crocheting for many years and have had no troubles. The problem started when work with the pigs became heavier. At some point, I lifted something heavy (the pig feeding trough) with my left hand and that sprained my wrist. Then after a couple of weeks, I tried to force open the gate to the pen and hurt my right hand. So, now both hands experience pain and become extraordinarily tired whenever I try to crochet

One Skein Maltese Crochet Collar

Make this intricate Hairpin Lace collar with just one ball of yarn. Finished Measurements: The middle ribbing of the lace strip measures approximately 14 1⁄2 inches. The standard choker length for women's necklaces is 16 inches; 17-18 inches will reach the collar bone. Take your own measurements. The length of the collar depends on the number of loops you make in hairpin lace. Adjust the number of loops according to your size. 22 loops is approximately 15 inches. The Hairpin Lace Collar may be worn with a simple sleeveless top or a turtleneck outfit. Try making the Collar with lacy cotton thread for finer detail. You will need Yarn: Acrylic yarn, fingering Color: One ball of yarn (about 25g) yellow Gauge:  Crochet button diameter=1.5mm Terminology:  Pattern is written using US crochet terminology Hooks: Aluminum crochet hook size 4/0 (2.50mm) Or size to obtain gauge Staple: Hairpin lace staple, 4 inches Notions: Sewing needle and scissors Steel pins,

Happy Valentines Day !

New sexy strappy bra pattern coming soon! My hands are not in the best of condition lately after tough farming work, so I'm taking it easy. But nothing can stop me from crocheting! What are you all up to on Valentine's Day? Cheers!

Alicia Sexy Crochet Tanga

Fully-written pattern instructions for ultra sexy crochet tanga! This pattern is written in two sizes: Fits S-L (Low waist 36”-40” / 91cm-102cm) Fits XL-3XL (Low waist 41”-45” / 104cm-114cm) Buy this pattern and you get the Alicia Bralette, for a beautiful sexy set! The bralette is written in two sizes: Fits bust sizes 34" to 40" (A-C) Fits bust sizes 42" to 50" (A-C) The patterns are available at Fatima's Ravelry Store .

ALICIA Bralette Crochet Pattern PDF

ALICIA is a motif-based bralette, ties at the sides and over the neck. This pattern is available in sizes: Bust 34" (86cm) to 40" (102cm) (A-C) Bust 42" to 50" (A-C) Photos show the bralette on dress forms with bust sizes 36” (91cm) and 42” (106cm), and the bralette un-lined on a 36” (91cm) bust dress form. Pattern consists of 14 pages; written pattern instructions with a few step-by-step photos; instructions include making a simple shaped lining for the bralette and sewing the lining onto the bralette by hand. The pattern is available at Fatima's Ravelry Store .