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Will I Crochet Again Soon?

I thought it would take at least a year for my hands and arms to get better again. After about 2 months without crochet or any fine needlework, my hands are much better. One thing that helped has been most unexpected: kneading dough. Yes, I've been kneading a lot of dough as I decided to learn how to make Indian flatbreads. At first I thought it would make my hands worse but that wasn't so. I learned to make several types of Indian flatbreads: rotis, Kerala paratha, baturas, puris, etc. as well as pita bread and empanada. I don't have an electric mixer so I made these breads by hand. However, I am not very keen about crocheting again. There's lots of work to be done on the farm --- the ducks need looking after all and most especially the pigs. I really enjoy working with the animals. I did manage to make a skirt a few days ago. I used this lovely printed fabric, and sewed everything by hand. I enjoy sewing and it i