Sunday, June 26, 2016

Crocheted 2-Piece Party Club Suit

Crocheted 2-Piece Party Club Suit for Sale

Super sexy club, party and dance suit, totally crocheted and beaded to shimmer. Material is rayon and acrylic beads. The bra top is lined with soft padded cups. The skirt is partially lined, with elastic waistband. My friend bought this in Manila more than 10 years ago while she was training to be a professional dancer. But she never used this outfit because she got pregnant just after she passed the dance training! She has a lovely family now! ^_^

Size: 10UK / 38EUR / 8USA /12 AU.
Video shows the suit on a 36" bust dress form.

US$45. Price does not include shipping. PM me for inquiries, or if you have a price offer to make. Thank you! :)

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Learn to make Indian Flatbreads

Recently, I discovered how therapeutic bread making is, particularly, kneading dough. It is particularly an excellent form of exercise for hands and arms afflicted with rsi or repetitive stress syndrome. While I have stopped crocheting for several weeks, I have been making various types of breads. Below are the fantastic YoutTube video channels that helped me learn how to make bread. I hope you enjoy!

A step-by-step and practical approach to South Asian Cooking. Great chefs are not born -- they are created through a journey of trials and errors. We, at Show Me The Curry are no different. We have had more than our share of cooking goof-ups, mishaps and faux pas. Two busy moms with barely enough time to breathe, we have learned some quick and handy techniques to save time and energy in the kitchen. We love to show you how to avoid the mistakes we made. South Asian Cuisine, just like our country and culture, is very old. There are thousand ways to make any dish. Our goal is to provide you with a well tried, tested and liked version of different recipes, not forget easy! Never be scared to experiment and create your own version of anything. Remember the key ingredient - have fun.

Manjula's Kitchen
Learn how to cook delicious, mouth-watering, Indian Vegetarian Recipes. Manjula's Kitchen has over 200 recipes and counting, including many Vegan and Gluten Free recipes. Manjula shows you simple, easy steps to cooking authentic Indian Food.

Self Taught Cook NOT a perfectionist AT ALL :) Let's LEARN TOGETHER in the Youtube Universe :) If you think sunshine brings you happiness, then you haven't danced in the rain. - unknown

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Taking it Slow with an Ascot Scarf

Crochet is very slow at the moment. I'm looking at an ascot scarf pattern from Brainerd and Armstrong Company's "Art Needlework: The Last and Best Book on Art Needlework." I'm using a 2.5mm hook and two strands of fingering weight natural dark brown yak.

As a respite from crocheting, I am winding some lace weight yarn of camel-silk. There are lots of other 'distractions' from crochet. There's cooking and the washing up, although my husband helps with the washing up. There's the daily task of feeding the ducks, chickens and pigs at 7 in the morning and again at 4 in the afternoon; in between is the task of bathing and watering the pigs to prevent them from overheating especially during this hot and dry season.

If you would like to make this scarf with me, let me know and please share your work in progress. I would love to see this scarf done in a variety of fibers. I am thinking of giving this scarf as a gift to my husband's grandchildren in Holland, just in time for the winter. 

PS. I have written out the pattern for the Ascot Scarf below.

Ascot Scarf

Materials. Two ounces of Brainerd & Armstrong's Crochet Silk and a No. 2 Star crochet hook.


First row. Chain 48.

2d row. Turn, and counting back do 3 d. c. in fourth stitch of ch., do 4 d. c. in eighth st. and continue to end of chain, leaving 3 stitches between the shells. There should be 12 shells.

3d row. Turn, ch. 3, do 3 d. c. in space between first 2 d. c. of last shell in second row, and 4 d. c. between first 2 in next and remaining shells.

4th and continuous rows same as third. Make this part of work 12 1/2 inches long. 

Next row. Turn, ch. 3, do 3 d. c. in space between first 2d c. of last shell in previous row, and 4 d. c. between first 2 in next and the 10 following shells, do 3 d. c. in space between first 2 d. c. of twelfth or last shell.

Next row. Same, narrowing 1 stitch in last shell.

Next row. Ch. 3, do 2d. c. in space between first 2 d. c. of last shell in previous row, etc., narrowing 1 stitch in first and last shell of each row until you have only 10 shells.

Then begin narrowing as at first, 1 stitch in last shell of each row until 2 sts. remain, then 1 st. in first and last shell of each row.

Repeat until you have only 4 shells remaining.

This part of work [or band] should be 8 inches long, making in all 23 3/4 inches. This completes one-half the tie, bind off, make other half the same, join two ends of band.

Line neck band with ribbon same width.