Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Rainy Morning Scarf

Hook: 3.5mm
Yarn: Antibacterial Micro-Dralon by Ice (100 grams)
Yarn: Hand-dyed Coca (Cotton-Cashmere) by Lotus (40 grams)

Scarf is worked from end to end in rows, the basic principle is that stitches are increased at one side of the scarf while offsetting/decreasing at the other side. Two versions are presented here in chart format: one is a narrow long scarf and the other is a wider shorter scarf. The stitches may be worked in either plain sc or back-loop sc. Use multi-colour or self-striping yarn in dk or worsted weight.

Rainy Day Scarf B (above) is wide and short, using Antibacterial Micro-Dralon yarn in self-striping colours, 100 grams. Stitches are plain sc. I want a scarf that is not very drapey or soft, a scarf that can withstand the wind.

Rainy Day Scarf A (above) is narrow and long, using Coca (about 40 grams) which I hand-dyed. Stitches are back-loop sc and produces a drapey fabric. I personally prefer a scarf with a heavier, more rigid hand.

In both cases, you can continue crocheting until you reach the desired size of scarf.