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Working with yarns from Turkey

Four years ago, I started using yarns from Turkey, the brands Kuka and Ice. These are just some of the yarns I bought and some I have used to make projects, mostly crochet garments. A few yarns I never managed to use and instead either gave away as gifts or as prizes in Crochetology contests in the past. 1. ANGORA DESIGN MAGIC These are no longer available but seem to be on sale under new names. I bought these yarns because of the lovely self-striping colours and the lightness of the fibre. I made dresses with these yarns and the left-over yarns I used to make hair accessories. Some yarns available that resemble the original Angora Magic Design are: MAGIC DK , MAGIC FINE , MAGIC WOOL DELUXE , DANCING BABY , PRIMADONNA , SULTAN WOOL , MARVELOUS PURE WOOL , and REGINA LANA . 2. BRIZ ALPACA This is acrylic yarn with some content of alpaca and other wool. I got these in grey and light orange melange colours. I fell in love with the grey and find the light orang

Lace Halter Bra free pattern

I know there are crocheters who can figure out a pattern by just looking at a photo of the finished item. These photos are probably for those crocheters since i don't have the time to write the pattern now. Do you think these types of 'instructions' are useful for crocheters who don't use written patterns or charts? The lace pattern used for the front lace panel is below. It's from VOGUE KNITTING STITCHIONARY 4 which I got for 1,258.00PHP or US$25.00 at Fully Booked. Here are some picture showing work-in-progress for your reference. Here is the original inspiration for the crochet bra.

Diamond stole

I was trying to crochet a shrug but it came out much too long so here is a stole instead. DIAMOND Hook: 3mm Yarn: Antibacterial Magic by Ice Yarns or other sport weight or 6-ply yarn This project uses approximately 700 meters/650 grams of yarn Stole Dimensions: 10" wide x 90" long Instructions: Ch 160 +6 (count as dc, ch 2) (or make foundation chain in multiples of 8 +6; this establishes the length of the stole) Row 1: 5 dc in 10th ch fr hook, *ch 2, sk 3 ch, dc in next ch, ch 2, sk 3 ch, 5 dc in next ch, rep fr * across, ending with ch 2, dc in last ch; ch 4 (count as dc, ch 1), turn. Row 2: Dc in first dc, *ch 1, dc in each of second, third and fourth dc of 5-dc group, ch 1, sk 2-ch sp, in next dc make (dc, ch 3, dc), rep fr * across, ending with ch 1, dc in each of  second, third and fourth dc of 5-dc group, ch 1, sk 2 ch sp, in last dc make (dc, ch 1, dc), ch 3 (count as dc), turn. Row 3: 2 dc in first ch sp, *ch 2, dc in middle dc o