Thursday, October 27, 2016

Working with yarns from Turkey

Four years ago, I started using yarns from Turkey, the brands Kuka and Ice. These are just some of the yarns I bought and some I have used to make projects, mostly crochet garments. A few yarns I never managed to use and instead either gave away as gifts or as prizes in Crochetology contests in the past.


These are no longer available but seem to be on sale under new names. I bought these yarns because of the lovely self-striping colours and the lightness of the fibre. I made dresses with these yarns and the left-over yarns I used to make hair accessories.

Some yarns available that resemble the original Angora Magic Design are: MAGIC DK, MAGIC FINE, MAGIC WOOL DELUXE, DANCING BABY, PRIMADONNA, SULTAN WOOL, MARVELOUS PURE WOOL, and REGINA LANA.


This is acrylic yarn with some content of alpaca and other wool. I got these in grey and light orange melange colours. I fell in love with the grey and find the light orange too bright for my taste. I love these yarns because they are fine lightweight yarns and they dry very quickly. I made dresses with these yarns and they are light, airy, beautiful dresses. The yarns left over I made a vest.

This yarn is discontinued (only few colours left) but some similar yarns are the following: MASTER ALPACA, PERU ALPACA, ROSE ALPACA, VISCOSE ALPACA FINE, NEW MASTER ALPACA, TERMICO ALPACA,


I got several yarns containing silk and some are softer than others. I made a dress with the stronger silk yarns and the more delicate ones, I used to make smaller garments and accessories such as shawls and shrugs and tops.

Some fine silk blended yarns available are: CASHMERE SILK, and SILK SALMON.


This is lovely novelty yarn with mohair, acrylic and gold glitter. I loved the colour combination of light green, pink and gold. I used this yarn to make a dress. This yarn has been discontinued, unfortunately, however there is a great selection of yarns blended with sparkly lurex.


In 2016, I got some new yarns and here is the first, antibacterial dralon yarn. I got these because I fell in love with the colour. I made scarves and stoles with this yarn and plan to make a garment with it shortly. Since this yarn is new, it is still available - not sure for how long - via Bohol Yarnshopping Dralon.


This is a combination of two things in a yarn that I love - a touch of glitter and lightness. I bought several of these yarns to give as prizes and gifts to friends. I made a top with this yarn and some leftover, maybe I will make a small scarf.

Loren Wool is no longer available but there are several yarns containing lurex and wool.


This is 100% nylon yarn, and I think that nylon is now called polyamide in Ice Yarns. While 'Bellissimo' is discontinued, I found some yarns that resemble this product. I wanted to try this yarn because of its elasticity, and I have made a turtle neck top with it. I still have a few left-over which
I might try to make a sports bra.

This yarn of similar type is available as MAGNIFICO.


This is soft lovely blend of acrylic and cotton, colours look like denim and like distressed or torn fabric. The yardage of this yarn is fantastic and I used this yarn to make a dress. At the moment, I cannot find any yarn of this type.

FOR MORE selections of yarns, please visit THE BOHOL YARNSHOPPING WEBSITE.