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For 2017 subscribers, I have a lot of projects and Crochetology problems and exercises lined up. I have been keeping notes, asking questions and finding answers.Some of these are:

1. How to convert a skirt pattern into a top-down cardigan pattern.
2. How do I determine what are standard measurements for standard sizes when crocheting garments?
3. How to crochet a sock.
4. Reconstructing a bolero pattern from a photo (no pattern crochet).
5. How to improvise if you make a mistake.
6. How to improvise if you can’t have the right multiples in a foundation chain/stitches.
7. How do I determine armhole sizes in seamless top-down garments?
8. Modifying a triangular shawl pattern to make a 3-way poncho/cowl.
9. Working with fancy yarn such as butterfly or ribbon yarn - how to make it easier.
10. New pattern - crochet hairband.
11. Can we get away with simple shapes for garments? No dec/inc, no shaping and yet have a garment that doesn’t looked ‘boxed up’?
12. Getting started with free-form crochet - geometrics.

And more!

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