Starting Up (again) - An Update

The renovation of our roof started around the second week of March and ended in the second week of May. The original roof is made up of nipa palm fronds which rotted easily and leaked quite badly. Now the roof is longspan hi-rib galvanised iron sheets with 5mm foam insulation. The design of the roof was also changed. The roof has 4 gables that serve as air vents to keep the house cool. Nipa is cooler of course but the maintenance of nipa, especially of a roof this large (about 250 square meters) is very difficult.

So now I don't have to run around with basins, buckets and umbrellas looking for leaks whenever it rains. I have also just managed to clean up and put things back in their proper places.Such a major disruption has made it difficult for me to get back to crochet sooner. During this time I have been busy drawing designs and plans for the renovation of the pigpens (a total of about 80 square meters). Currently, I have one boar (Pinky) and two sows (Brownie and Number 3). If Brownie is pregnant she is expected to farrow by the end of June. Hopefully, Number 3 is pregnant and is expected to farrow in September.

The old Dirty Kitchen with nipa palm fronds for roofing material. Next to it is Number 3's pen.

The new Dirty Kitchen in progress using leftover roofing material from the house.

My plans for rebuilding the pigpens.

The rebuilding of the Dirty Kitchen started almost immediately after the roof renovation and I have been busy overseeing that as well. A "Dirty Kitchen" is an outside kitchen that uses a firewood stove. We also have the big clay oven in the Dirty Kitchen. The Dirty Kitchen is also often used when cooking for fiestas and parties. Since firewood is used for cooking, I would also like to use the Dirty Kitchen as a smoker --- fish, sausages and meat can be hung above the stove to smoke them.

Then yesterday, after numerous failed attempts, I was able to get back to crocheting.

I am trying to make an overdress - a lace garment meant to be worn over a light dress. It is based on a design I made some time ago. I am using a 3.5mm crochet hook and acrylic yarn called "Fettuccia" by Ice Yarns. This overdress is designed to be adjustable for a range of sizes. This will take some time but I hope to be able to write the pattern for this new crochet design.

I am doing reasonably well. Every week I go for acupuncture which works well for me. Later, I hope to be able to find some time to return to painting and writing poetry.


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