Dirty Kitchen and Current Crocheting

Here is a photo of the finished dirty kitchen. This was finished about a week ago. The guys - Kelly and Jessie - have since been busy building a pen for sow Number 3. The roof of the Dirty Kitchen uses g.i. sheets leftover from renovation of the roof of the house. The plumbing still needs to be done for the Dirty Kitchen. A dirty kitchen is an outside kitchen. It can be a simple and quickly built roof over a stove or can be more extravagant ;) like this. Folks often cook in such outside kitchens in rural places, using firewood collected from the hills. There's a clay oven in this dirty kitchen and Penny has used it to bake a coconut pie. At the back on the roof is a 'chimney' for smoke to pass through.

I have been able to do some crocheting as well. At the moment, I am wrangling with a circular vest. It is a very popular design. However, there is something that I want done about such a design. I am looking for more coverage for the front without making the collar of the vest too large. This means varying the length of the vest at the front and back and neck. Then I ran out of yarn! Oh well. ;)


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