Sunday, February 10, 2019

Recycling Project - Wrap Skirt

This is a very simple recycling project that uses an old skirt that is very large. I decided to turn it into a wrap skirt. Can anything be easier than that? :)

Here is the skirt. It had a damaged waistband and hem so I cut those away.

Then I cut the skirt down one side so that it becomes a long piece of cloth like this. This is long enough to be made into a wrap skirt.

Here, I sewed darts along the top of the skirt in order to create a shape. This will make the top part of the skirt taper to fit the body better. I made 6 darts for the wrap skirt.

Next, I sewed the waistband of the skirt, as well as the sides to make it neater. The ties are from an old garment. I cut them off and used those for the wrap skirt. You can see where I attached the ties in the photo. I also cut some scrap fabric from the old skirt and made it into a pocket.

And that's it! The wrap skirt is done!

Friday, February 8, 2019

Recycling Project - Skirt

This is a quick hand-sewn project and an idea for those looking for ways to recycle or upcycle their old crochet. This skirt features a layered design using the following recycled materials:

  1. Old small crocheted shawl no longer used
  2. Printed dress that got torn and cut in half; the upper part is used as a top and the lower part is used as the base skirt for this project
  3. Scrap pieces of printed fabric
  4. Old fancy eyelash yarn from stash - I am trying to reduce my yarn stash
  5. Buttons from old sweater
  6. Half slip no longer used because the waistband elastic is not very good anymore

First, I cut and repair small torn areas of the lower half of a printed dress which serves as the base for the skirt. I sew edges as neatly as possible.

Second, I cut scrap pieces of printed fabric to make a wide waistband for the skirt. The pieces of fabric are short, so they are joined together to go around the waistband. I joined 4 pieces of fabric for the waistband. I used 4 buttons from an old sweater to decorate the waistband.

Third, I sew the waistband to the skirt, with the crocheted shawl sandwiched between the waistband and skirt, as shown in the photo.

Fourth, a smaller portion of printed fabric is cut and sewn to make two ties for the skirt. Tassels are made using the eyelash yarn and sewn to the ends of the ties, then the ties are sewn to the side of the skirt, as shown in the photo.

Fifth, the skirt is turned inside out and the slip is sewn on, all along where the waistband is sewn to the skirt.

That's it! The skirt is finished!