Sunday, February 10, 2019

Recycling Project - Wrap Skirt

This is a very simple recycling project that uses an old skirt that is very large. I decided to turn it into a wrap skirt. Can anything be easier than that? :)

Here is the skirt. It had a damaged waistband and hem so I cut those away.

Then I cut the skirt down one side so that it becomes a long piece of cloth like this. This is long enough to be made into a wrap skirt.

Here, I sewed darts along the top of the skirt in order to create a shape. This will make the top part of the skirt taper to fit the body better. I made 6 darts for the wrap skirt.

Next, I sewed the waistband of the skirt, as well as the sides to make it neater. The ties are from an old garment. I cut them off and used those for the wrap skirt. You can see where I attached the ties in the photo. I also cut some scrap fabric from the old skirt and made it into a pocket.

And that's it! The wrap skirt is done!