I will take care of myself

I used a rope to hang myself. I used a rope for weighing animals. I use a rope to fetch water with a bucket. Today I don't think about hanging myself. 

Over the past 15 years, I did not think of hanging myself despite the trauma of my marriage. I did not even hurt myself. But because of therapy with a Bohol psychologist who did not know what he was doing, I started to hurt myself and I tried to hang myself with this rope. 

The Bohol psychologist writes for the newspaper. He is resident psychologist of the newspaper. There was a suicide contagion in Bohol for nearly 3 years when the newspaper was reporting suicide incidents in a very unethical manner. They thought the suicide incidents were "Breaking News." They put a photograph of a boy holding a noose. That photograph stayed in my mind from the day I saw it three years ago. They still have the image and the news report on Facebook and on their website. I sent messages to their Facebook Page to remove the image and stop reporting suicide in the news. But they ignored me. I asked their resident psychologist to remove the image and the news report but nothing happened. I wrote to the editor of the newspaper in October last year but I didn't get a reply and the news reports and images remain on-line. But just a few months ago I found out that the editor actually made a reply to my letter. However, he wrote his reply in a column for a newspaper in a different province. He did not send his reply to me directly. I don't think he wrote it in our own province's newspaper. I don't know what to do about his reply. 

To the reader: The disturbing images remain online. It has been 3 years. I have not brought this problem to the wider public. But now I am doing this. Please help me find a way to get the images and news reports removed or edited. Please write to the authorities who can help.

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