MINDFULLY. I am able to concentrate more on how I feel, on the good seeds within me, on the good seeds in others so I can touch those seeds and make them grow. Compassion is not hard, I have it within, the anger and violence are also within and they were watered for too many years. So they grew and overwhelmed me. They can now go back to where they came from. The good seeds are growing again.

The four shells are for my "pebble meditation." My sister told me about Thich Nhat Hanh. I saw his dharma talks on Youtube. The three coins are Irish minted in 1949. A gift from someone in Australia. He knows I love pigs. There's a sow with piglets on those coins. On the other side is a harp.

I had fencing built to let the pigs out into the garden. There is a water reservoir which is muddy now. My sow Beans went into the reservoir and had a bath. The ducks have their own pond. There are Asian Box Turtles there too. I am selling all my ducks and chickens. I want to focus on the pigs and growing vegetables.

Painting helps me in many ways. I am getting old and I can't keep farming the way I used to. I want to spend a bit more time painting.