Walking Meditation

It rains every evening. There is a gale sometimes. It gets cold at dawn. The flowers love this. The Brazilian red cloak shouldn't be flowering these past months. But because it is colder than usual there are flowers. The cat Little Grey takes refuge in the outside kitchen when it rains. I am getting that kitchen renovated. Little Grey will love it. It will have a tub.

By morning, the garden has soaked up all the rain. It can be slippery and muddy in some places, so I am careful. So mindfulness of walking is practiced every morning. There is so much to observe in the garden every morning, every moment. I enjoy taking their photographs. 

I still have a few ducks. I sold plenty of ducks. It is better to keep only a few. I am selling the native chickens too. It is good to have only a few so I can take care of them better.


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