There are many free crochet patterns on my website. Sometimes, I write patterns for sale. You can use these patterns to make things that you can sell in your own shop, to give away as gifts or for your self. Please support my work as full-time artist. Thank you!

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eBook (PDF), 30 pages, 8 Total Patterns, US$5.00 | Buy Now | More Info

This ebook is a collection of 8 crochet patterns, all of strips of lace, constructed in a basic design and implemented in a variety of finished objects: two hair bands made with tarn (or “t-shirt yarn”), three lace collars made with 4-ply and 6-ply cotton yarn, one hip belt made with 6-ply cotton yarn, decorative laces in cotton thread size 8 for hand-sewn fabric coasters and a lariat or neck-tie worked in crochet cotton thread size 8.


eBook (PDF), 43 pages, 8 Sets of Patterns, 18 Total Patterns, US$5.00. Buy Now | More Info

“NATURAL TENDENCIES” contains 8 patterns for thread crochet jewellery. “Natural Tendencies” refer to the way the designs were made, starting with chain stitches, then seeing where succeeding stitches have a tendency to come together.

Recommended for crocheters skilled in thread crochet, using crochet cotton thread size 8 or 10 and steel crochet hook size 1mm or 1.2mm.


eBook (PDF), 38 pages, 8 Sets of Patterns, 13 Total Patterns, US$5.00. Buy Now | More Info

This collection holds patterns for 11 bead-crochet jewellery and 2 scarves. The patterns are derived from a series of crochet jewellery patterns called “Natural Tendencies.” From the basic crochet lace strips, the addition of beads - in some cases replacing the picots - creates a new and delicate design. The last two patterns, worked in heavier weight yarn (fingering and aran), demonstrate the possibility of bringing delicate crochet lace to the creation of new items.


eBook (PDF), 32 pages, 8 sets of Patterns, 8 Total Patterns, US$5.00. Buy Now | More Info

“TRANSFORMATIONS” is a selection of 8 necklace designs in lace and beads, recommended especially for the crocheter skilled in thread and bead crochet. The designs are inspired by a de-construction of motifs worked in the round, thus, the transformation of the round into a row of lace.

Recommended for crocheters skilled in thread crochet with beads, using crochet cotton thread size 8 or 10 and steel crochet hook size 1mm or 1.2mm


eBook (PDF), 20 pages, 1 Pattern for Bolero Size M (Bust 34"), US$5.00. Buy Now | More Info

This pattern (some 14 pages of instructions in a total of 20 pages) is not for the faint-hearted. The bolero consists of twenty-four join-as-you-go motifs, each one different. You must already know how to join motifs to use this pattern.

Bolero is worked in two sections, front and back. Each section is worked by joining motifs in the final round. In some cases, stitch markers (some 24 removable stitch markers) are used to indicate where motifs are joined. Use different colours of stitch markers to indicate/remember their order when used within a single motif.

Front and Back sections are crochet-joined at the side and shoulder seams. Sleeves are worked in rounds around the armholes.  It is recommended to work on a wide flat surface.