Welcome to Crochetology!

This website is a repository of some of my work in crochet and its allied arts. As of the moment, I am involved in crochet and hand-sewing. I have several free crochet patterns available on this website, all of them designed to encourage the crocheter to alter and modify patterns and make them her own.

If you find my work useful, inspirational or have used my patterns for your handcrafted business, please support my work as full-time artist. I also have some patterns for sale. Thank you!


You can get in touch with me via email. Join the Crochetology Group or visit My Ravelry Designer Page. Get updates on the Crochetology Facebook Page. You can also send me a letter or postcard via the address below! I would love to hear from you!

The old Crochetology website may still be found via the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

You can also visit my backyard farm and atelier at:

San Roque, Baclayon
Bohol 6301, Philippines
Open Mondays thru Saturdays 9AM-5PM
Backyard Ducks, Pigs and Chickens at Duckduckbro.