Drawing and Painting

I started drawing and painting again two months ago. I have not indulged in this wonderful childhood pasttime of mine for many many years. I am happy to still be able to do it. Here are some of my works. I hope you like them.

Please bear with these short blog posts. I try to post something at least once a week and soon I hope to be able to feel better enough to post better articles and patterns.



  1. Painting these helped for a while. This was better than crochet. I was learning to be mindful in the act of painting. However, because I was in therapy with a very bad psychologist, I suffered. What used to be depression turned into uncontrollable emotions and self -harm, and finally, suicidal behaviours. I told that psychologist about my suffering but he did nothing because he did not know what to do, he was outstandingly incompetent yet remarkable at self-promotion. I was so vulnerable. I was so easy to abuse. God knows what happened to me. God knows what the therapist has done, and continues to do. God has found me and I am healing. God will find the person who did this to me.


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