Friday, July 31, 2015

Hand-sewn Wrap Skirt

This is a very quick hand-sewing project. I used a fabric called "Geena Silk." This is a cheap fabric often used for lining (in plain colour) or curtains. I loved the prints of these types of fabric and thought that they could be used to make garments and bags.

I cut the suitable size of fabric that goes around my hips and overlaps halfway. Then I sewed the edges. Next I pinned the pleats of the skirt and sewed that as well.

After sewing the edges and the pleats, I sewed the waistband over, with an open end where the straps can be sewn in later.

Here is the finished wrap skirt showing the straps. The straps are made separately. They are simply long tubes that are sewn on the wrong side, then turned inside out.

I added a slit along one side of the skirt to make walking easier! The slit isn't perfect so I'll try to make it better next time.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Crocheting With Recycled Fabric

In a previous blogpost, I made some yarn using some old clothes cut into strips and tied together. I use this yarn to make some flowers. Now here is a project that uses only recycled old clothes as yarn.

Here (photos below) are more flowers crocheted using different types of fabrics from old clothes.

I made several more tarn flowers and finally decided last night to make a garment with them. To join the flowers together, I used a white fabric (from an old blouse) that stretches. I also used a beige coloured fabric (from an old dress) that didn’t stretch much as I ran out of the white stretchy fabric. The stretch is needed in some areas of this garment. Below are photos of the work in progress.

Below are photos showing the front and back of the garment. If I have more flowers, I will make this into a dress. Otherwise, I will keep this as a sleeveless top. I intend to embellish this a bit with some beads and lace, and see how it goes.

The stretchy fabric used to join the flowers together is very good because it creates a fabric that can follow the shape of the body. I would like to experiment more with this next time.

Here is the finished top, made entirely of recycled old clothes cut into strips and tied together. I used the large hand-carved hook (about 9-10mm) for the flowers and crochet hook 5mm and 5.5mm for joining the flowers together. The dress form I used is a size bust 36".

Friday, July 24, 2015

Make Your Own Yarn from Old Clothes

After making a big crochet hook, I need big yarn to test it with. I don't have any big yarn so I made some. This is how I made some yarn from old clothes.

First is to select the colour and material of the old clothes you want to use for yarn. Here, I choose a yellow pair of pants, it is actually nice soft material, not sure what it is, but it's something I got cheaply from India seven years ago. Maybe if I cut the pants' legs, I can still wear this as a pair of shorts!

Anyway, here I just cut the garment into strips, remove the seam, then tie the strips together. The strips fray a lot but that's alright. The strips are of different width and lengths, but that's alright too. I'm too lazy to do this properly!

Then after making about two or three feet of hand-tied yarn, I tested it with the hook, just to make sure I'm cutting the fabric in the right width. It's good!

Because I didn't like it to be all yellow, I got another old piece of garment, a nightgown I had no intention of wearing. I cut the light pink sheer fabric and added that to the yellow strips. I tested it wit the hook and it looks OK!

So I made a ball of hand-tied pink and yellow yarn about this big, not a lot because I'm lazy and too excited to start crocheting with it!

I decided to make flowers with the yarn. Here is the work in progress. The yarn frays a great deal so it seems I've just made myself some eyelash fancy yarn!

I made more flowers. The pattern is simple and not all the same. It's: ch 4, sl st in first ch to make a ring, ch 1, 6 sc in ring, sl st in first sc to join. Ch 2, 2dctog in first sc, ch 2, sl st in same sc, ch 2, 2 dctog in next sc, ch 2, sl st in same sc, etc.

Here's a detail of one of the flowers. I like it and will use it for a project later. I have lots of old clothes and will make more hand-tied yarn. It's very easy.