Crocheting with Recycled Fabric and Old Clothes

This sleeveless top is a continuation of my experiment with tarn (short for "t-shirt yarn"), although strictly speaking I didn't use any t-shirt. I used scrap fabrics, cut into strips and tied together to make yarn with interesting colour and texture. The process for the making of this hand-tied yarn may be found in this blogpost.

Below are photos showing the fabrics, cut and ties into yarn. Then, using a large crochet hook (hand-carved from gmelina wood), I made some flowers. An earlier project using flowers may be found in this blogpost.

I made enough flowers to make a sleeveless top. Then I joined the flowers with irregular mesh crochet using 2mm hook and cotton thread size 8. As guide, I used a lining I made a couple of days ago.

At some point, I decided that I could sew a dress under the top. I got some cotton fabric and made this dress, however, I wasn't very happy with it. So instead, I decided to sew a lining for the top.

The lining is a recycled skirt that has started falling apart. I bought the skirt more than 20 years ago. The fabric is off-white georgette embroidered with white flowers. It was a lovely skirt. The waistband of the skirt goes all along the neckline of the top as can be seen in the photos below.

Here, below, is the finished top. Despite the use of sheer printed fabric, the top is quite heavy, so if I made a dress, it would weigh quite a bit. Anyway, I'm happy with the outcome of this project and intend to experiment with more next time. The skirt is hand-sewn and more about it may be found on this blogpost.


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