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Loopy (An Infinity Scarf)

"Loopy" is a neckwarmer that's made as a loop, a scarf with no ends. It can be made skinny or wide. It can be worn looped or unwrapped, or maybe even as a shawl or capelet if it was the right size. Make one for yourself or to give to family and friends this Christmas! Yarn: Angora Design by ICE Yarns Substitute with Light Fingering/Fingering Choose self-striping yarn with long strands of colour Hook: Crochet hook size 3.5mm Finished Measurements: 72" circumference / 7" tall Design notes: Start with chains of at least 72 inches in length for a large scarf that can be worn doubled. Mine is 300 chains. Make a shorter chain to make a smaller scarf. Pattern stitch is in multiples of 6 stitches. 16 rounds make a scarf at least 7" tall. Add more rounds for taller scarf. I'm anxious of making a long chain then joining them without twisting. So this scarf is made by joining only after the first round where there's much less chance of tw

Crochet Girl Garland Anklet

This is an anklet made by crocheting flower motifs that are joined at the last round. The flower motif is a simple 2-round pattern. For closure, I used two colourful buttons sewn to the tips of two petals at one end of the anklet. The chain-3 space at the tip of the petals at the other end of the anklet make up the buttonholes. This may be a good beginner project for learning the join-as-you-go technique with crocheted motifs. Some things to remember when using this technique is to mind the right and wrong sides of the motifs as you are joining them together. Have fun! Crochet Girl Garland Anklet Yarn: Acrylic Yarn in DK, Sport or Fingering Weight. Choose two colours to alternate the flower motifs. I chose purple and yellow. Another nice combination is pink and green. The anklet shown is crocheted in Red Heart Acrylic Yarn, 4-ply. Hook: 3.5mm crochet hook Notions: Yarn needle, two colourful buttons about 1cm in diameter. Chain spaces at the tips of the pet