Quick Bead Crocheting

I made these because of the gorgeous yarn that Imeng from Cavite, Philippines gave me, a beautiful melange of gold, silver and bronze colours. The yarn was the last thing I needed to complement the beads that came from crochet friend Carol from Washington, USA.

These necklaces were made by stringing the beads and then crocheting with simple chain stitches. A similar design which I made a few years ago is The Beaded Chains Bracelet, the free pattern available on Ravelry. So these necklaces are really just variations on that design.

One necklace uses a shell pendant which I picked up from the beach on Pamilacan Island. A variation on design can be made by twisting the strings of crocheted beads together. Other variations can be made by making knots in the necklaces.

It’s also fun selecting colours – I have made darker necklaces and one which has a lighter set of colours. The pink and gray combinations are also quite beautiful. I hope to make more bead crochet jewelry and come up with more complex designs, as time and energy permits.

Try bead crochet and have fun!


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