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Hand Sewing Blouses

I have not been crocheting for more than a month now because of pain of the hands and arms. My condition became worse some 4-5 days after acupuncture. Massage with efficascent oil, particularly, a technique similar to "wrist drainage" (below) covering the whole of my arms and hands, helped tremendously.  Then last week, I spent some time typing on the computer which set back my recovery. So since then, I have also drastically minimised my computer (and Internet) use. Today, I am much better. It is actually very good to be away from Internet, Facebook, etc. and spend more time here with the farm animals, my husband, and the house. There is a lot of work now with constructing a new fenced area for the goats, plus repairs of the roof of the pig pens in the coming days. The past couple of days I decided to do some light intermittent sewing. I cut up the fabric I had for months now and made this blouse, sewn by hand. I am glad to have finished a project after so l