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Bolero to Crochet

The Orchid Garden Bolero pattern is now available . Pattern is available in sizes for bust 34”-36” (38”-40”,42”-44”). Bolero is meant to be worn over a garment and is therefore crocheted to be loose-fitting. Pattern instructions include tips on making the bolero in fitted size, as well as detailed photos of work-in-progress. The bolero is made up of 3 rectangular pieces crocheted sideways. The pieces are then sewn together – at the sides and at the shoulders. The bottom trim is crocheted in rows, followed by the neckline also in rows, and finally the armholes in rounds. Use DK weight yarn and 4mm hook. You will also need a 1" wide button.

Crochetology Challenge: Cardigan

   Here's a Crochetology challenge: use an existing skirt pattern to make a top-down seamless cardigan.  The skirt pattern I used is from Drops Design , and it is a beautiful free pattern with very straightforward shaping. The pattern consists of alternating rows (or rounds) of tr-groups and hdc-ch stitches. Observe the pattern below, in symbol. The challenge is to modify this pattern so that I may have increments of inc/dec to shape a cardigan. To determine how much shaping and where shaping is needed, I divided the cardigan into several sections, namely: Below are photos of the progress of the cardigan. More detailed documentation will be on-line shortly. If you are an experienced crocheter, you should be able to take on this challenge and come up with your own designs. Below are two other design variations, both using the same basic stitch pattern of tr-groups and hdc-ch rows. T

Spring Cleaning and Updates

March 13, Monday, is when the roof of the house is finally going to be demolished to make way for G.I. (galvanized iron) sheet roofing. So, in preparation for that, I have been trying to sort through all my things, throw away what is not needed and protect the rest from rain and debris. Below is a photo of our house with its beautiful nipa palm fronds for roof. Maintaining a roof like this has become difficult over the years so we are forced to give this up for the modern G.I. roofing. As a result of such ‘Spring Cleaning”, I am now in possession of lots of scrap yarn. I am keeping these in plastic bags at the moment and will be working on new projects suited to such small amounts of yarn of different colours, weights and types. Woven Labels My personalised woven labels have finally arrived!!! I placed the order January 26. The labels were shipped February 14. And the labels arrived March 3. Shipping is US$30 to the Philippines, very expensive. I opted for this sh