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Featured Free Pattern: Cotton Lovers Wedding Necklace

Here's an old pattern I'd like to bring some attention to. I made this pattern in 2012 when I got my first copies of Duplet and MOD Zhurnal magazines . The inspiration came from those wonderful magazines featuring Russian and Ukrainian crochet and knit designs.   To make this necklace, motifs are crocheted separately and then sewn onto the strap. So some sewing skills are necessary to successfully complete this project! How you arrange and sew the motifs onto the strap is important to how the finished necklace will look and sit around the neck. Your choice of pearl beads and clasp is also very important. Genuine freshwater pearls will be gorgeous, or perhaps Swarovski crystals. Choose a clasp that has weight to keep the necklace in place. You can find the free pattern on Crochetology at If you make a project using this pattern please share it on Ravelry to inspire others. Enjoy!

Featured Free Pattern: The Walkednights

Walkednights is one of my most popular free patterns. It currently has 61 projects on Ravely with very good Average Difficulty Rating. I think this is wonderful because Walkednights is not a typical standard crochet pattern. It is actually a "problem" or a "crocheting exercise" which crocheters need to figure out for themselves in order to complete the project. The matching pair of intimate apparel (or swimwear) is completed by solving the problem: "Using the square motif and trim patterns given as theme, make a bralette and underwear set." Why not give it a try? You may find the pattern at Walkednights . If you're on Ravelry, do share your finished project at Walkednights on Ravelry . Enjoy!

Pattern Feature: Summer Evening Vest

  Crocheted and beaded necklace in natural linen fibre. Hi there. So I'm finally able to keep blogging. It's Easter Sunday and I hope that you are well. This is my second blog post on a pattern feature, this time, featuring the crocheted vest pattern, "Summer Evening." The vest I made is long, a single button in front and flares open at the bottom so it can be worn with your favorite dress. Instructions given are for sizes S, (M, L) / Bust 32”-34”, (36”-38”, 40”-42”). Length: 27”(29”,29”) Summer Evening Vest crochet pattern may be purchased for only US$2 at my Ravelry Store . Feel free to modify the pattern for different styles. Make it longer or shorter or trim with fringes for a boho style. Enjoy! If you have any comments or questions about this pattern, you can get in touch with me,