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You might have asked your Local Government Units (LGU) or doctor if they are providing any Covid-19 treatment for outpatient individuals, and they answered "no". When I asked the LGU here they said all they gave was paracetamol. I thought this was insane. They just wait for people to get worse. This is the reason why when people have covid-19 symptoms, they will never tell the authorities, not even their doctors. Because apart from not getting treatment, you get punished: you are taken away into isolation for 14 days. Physicians and local government authorities are following the Philippines unified algorithm and guidelines on Covid-19. This algorithm focuses on testing, contact tracing and isolation, and recommends only management of symptoms for outpatients, with no antibiotics or prophylaxis. Any investigational drugs for the treatment of Covid-19 are given only in the hospital setting. This means, you will have to be admitted to hospital to actually be treated for the dise