Boho Inspired Skirt

I made this skirt because I still had lots of yarn leftover after I finished the Boho Inspired Cropped Top. I used 6-ply cotton yarn and 3mm hook. I started with the motifs then worked the waistband and the skirt in the round.

I started the skirt with motifs, just like the matching top. The I worked the waistband, followed by the skirt.

Skirt in progress … I crocheted blue flowers and sewed them onto the center of the white motifs.

A closer look at the motifs and the blue flowers on the white motifs.

I started making little blue flowers and pinned them to the skirt before sewing them on.

A closer look at the little blue flower.

Pinning the flowers allow me to arrange them on the skirt before sewing them on.

I had lots of fun with the skirt. Making the flowers and sewing them on was fun. I pinned the flowers in place before sewing. I also loved making the big tassels. A simple string made of crocheted chain of 3 strands of 3-ply yarn is woven all around the waistband. An easy and fun project! This skirt can be worn with a slip or maybe if I am not lazy, I’ll try to sew a lining.

The finished Boho Inspired Skirt with Tassels!

I also made a belt for the skirt. This belt just goes over the skirt or over the waist, more decorative than functional. I love tassels so much I also made these little tassels for the belt!