Crazy Motif Skirt

I made this skirt using motifs from The Crazy Motif Bolero. If you don’t have that pattern, you can experiment using motif patterns that are freely available on-line or motif patterns that you already have. Check out your crochet books and magazines for patterns for doilies and coasters. Check out the stitch/pattern dictionaries. There’s plenty available. You can also see the motif blouse, Sundance, made in a similar way.

I used 4-ply cotton yarn in light blue and yellow colours. The motifs join-as-you-go. The skirt has a mesh waistband which I made wide enough to be secure. I added the waistband in the round after the skirt is seamed.

The next step is to add length to the skirt using natural colour cotton threads. I have lots of these undyed threads of size 5, just a bit thinner than the 4-ply cotton yarn. My plan was to create a lighter undyed colour lace at the hem of the skirt.