Easy Cropped Cami

Here’s another stitch pattern, this time I’d like to use it to make a camisole, sort of in the style of Free People’s Luminsta Cami: a beaded cropped cami with a scalloped hem, sequin embellishments, and V-neckline. I am using 4-ply cotton yarn and hooks (3mm, 3.5mm). Again, I work without a gauge and make estimates by looking at the stitch pattern.

Stitch pattern is in multiples of 10. I want to work from the hem upwards. I want the hem to be wide and loose, so I use a larger hook for the foundation chain then work the rest of the rounds in smaller 3mm hook.

Here’s the stitch pattern – can you modify it to work in rounds? Note: Pattern is in UK crochet terms.

I make a chain (multiples of 10) that is loose around my high-waist, then I add 1/2 extra this measurement. I made this much allowance because I am using a larger hook for foundation and a smaller hook for the rest of the cami. I also add this much allowance because the stitch pattern will make the foundation chain shorter. NOTE: The stitch pattern is written in UK crochet terms.

Start with a long chain – about half longer than your high-waist measurement. The stitch pattern will result to a shorter size.

The stitch pattern is here worked in rounds, modified to start with longer stitches then working in the shorter stitches as work moves up towards the bust.

The stitch pattern is in rows but I work in rounds. Rounds 1-3 complete the pattern design. For this first pattern design I used dc instead of hdc (I use US crochet terms). I follow the pattern using hdc only afterwards. This results in looser and lacier design at the hem, and tighter afterwards.

After sufficient length for the cropped cami, the upper part of the cami is worked in tr stitches.

Then you split for the neckline of the cami. From here you need to decrease the stitches at both sides to shape. This is perhaps the trickiest part of the project because this needs to be done exactly the same for the other side.

Here one side of the cami is completed. Straps are being worked, which will join to the back.

The finished cropped cami. Using lighter colour yarn, I added another repeat of the stitch pattern along the hem of the cami to create that scallop edging.

The back of the cropped cami – using lighter colour yarn I made sc stitches all along the edges of the cami.

I wear the cropped cami with the bandeau I crocheted 3 months ago, see Skingerstraat.