Maja – No Pattern Dress

Here is a dress I made without use of a crochet pattern. I found this construction method very useful because I do not have a tailor’s dummy or dress form. The method I used for Maja and Corinthia is to begin with motifs. In Corinthia the motifs lie over the waist. In Maja the motifs lie over the bust. The motifs begin the shape of the dress.

Once these motifs are made to the measurement you need, then it is easy to work upward (for the bodice, neckline and armholes) and downward (for the skirt) to construct the full dress. The three motifs make up the front of the dress bodice. There is no complicated shaping used in this dress. Crocheting the trim all around the neckline and all around the armholes is sufficient to make the shape. The trick is to use a basic stitch pattern that is flexible, for example, the trellis stitch, the trellis with picot stitch or the simple mesh.

Maja is made up of two sections – Front and Back – and Front starts with three motifs. The three motifs in Maja lie directly over the bust and its width includes the armholes. The upper chest/neckline is added next, working upwards with left and right shoulders worked separately. After the front and back bodice are joined together, the skirt section is worked downwards, in the round.. The back is worked similarly without the motifs. There is no shaping other than the use of smaller hook at the waist.

Maja is then decorated with Irish crochet motifs.

Maja is worked in Maharaja dyed silk from Silk Indian and 2.5mm hook.

Here, below, is the silk yarn. I wind the yarn into balls using a home-made yarn-winder.

Here are photos showing the basic dress in progress – starting with the 3 motifs that go at the front bodice of the dress. From there the top and lower section of the dress are crocheted.

Here are photos showing the Irish crochet motifs. I used worsted weight yarn of pink colour to match the silk as padding cord.

And here are the motifs being sewn onto the dress. And the finished dress below.


  1. You do great work. This dress absolutely gorgeous. With you help, maybe I can accomplish and create a dress this wonderful.



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