Crochetology exercise – given the square motif and trim below, make an article of clothing. My project is a pair of boyshorts and a bra top to be used for swimming.

The challenge here is first to make a half version of the motif. The next challenge is to determine the layout of the motifs to make the shape of the intended size particularly for the bra top.


Use three motifs joined together to make the bra top. Use more motifs to make the band below the bust and around the back. Use half motifs to shape under the arms. Photos below show the bra top construction in progress. Crocheted ties are used along the bottom of the bra top. The straps are simple rows of sc stitches.


The boyshorts consists of motifs all around the hips, then rows of treble stitches along the top to make the waistband. The crotch is shaped also with treble stitches shaped by adding stitches to increase and skipping stitches to decrease. Then the legs are worked in treble stitches. Photos below show the boyshorts construction in progress. Crocheted ties are used along the waistband.


  1. Hey Fatima! I just started this project using yarn ply 1 and the squares turned out smaller than my cup size what can I do?

    1. Hi Ale, sorry for the late reply, it was such a busy week!

      About your question, there are a few ways. The easiest is first, the next ones are harder:

      1. You can use heavier weight yarn and larger hook, for example 3-ply yarn with 2.5mm or 3 mm hook.

      2. You can modify the motif so that one extra round is added to make the motif bigger. The easiest way to add a round is after the last round, you can add an extra round of 5-ch loops with an extra chain loop at each corner for the turn.

      3. Another way (which you can use on its own or in combination with any of the suggestions above) is to add an extra round of trim all around the bra cup. The trim I used here is two rounds, you can add an extra (or more) round of 5-ch loops before the last round.

      I hope these help! Cheers! :)

  2. you have beautiful work Fatima! can i get the recipe on the top in this post? round by round

    i really want to crochet this! :)


    1. Thanks much, Kristine! Oh, do you mean the header image, the flower choker? I have that over at (Inspired by Dolce & Gabbana)! I hope this helps! ^_^


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