Seaside Butterfly

This necklace uses flower and ring motifs arranged in the shape of a butterfly. The motifs are sewn at the back, but they can also be joined at the last round of each motif. Pearl beads embellish the butterfly.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Finished Measurements: Butterfly motif measures approximately 4” wide x 2” high

Yarn: Multi-color crochet cotton thread size 8

Hook: Steel crochet hook size 1.2mm

Gauge: Exact gauge is not crucial for this pattern.

Notions: Needle and matching-color thread
Dark purple cotton woven or synthetic leather string
Lobster claw clasp set
Silver craft wire
2 medium size crimpers
4 pearl beads (2.5mm)
5 pearl beads (5mm)


Special Stitches:

3-Treble Bobble:(3-tr Bobble): In same base st, [yo twice and draw up a loop 3 times, yo and draw through all loops on hook.


6-Petal Flower with Picot Tips: (Make 2)

With multi-color thread,ch 5.Sl st in 1st ch tof orm ring.

Rnd1: Ch 1, 12 sc in ring. Sl st in 1st sc to join.

Rnd 2: *Ch 4, 3-tr bobble in n ext sc, ch 3, sl st in base of 3-ch (picot m ade); ch 4, sl st in n ext sc, rep fr * 5 tim es. Fasten off.

Rings: (Make 6)

With multi-color thread,ch 4, sl st in 1st ch to form ring.

Rnd 1: Ch 1, 10 sc in ring.Fasten off.

3-Petal Flower: (Make 4 )

With multi-color thread,ch 4, sl st in 1st ch to form ring.

Rnd 1: *Ch 2, 2 dc in ring, ch 2, sl st in ring, rep fr * 2 times. Fasten off.


Using the photograph above as guide, arrange the motifs and pin together. Turn over and sew at the back with matching color thread. Sew small pearl beads in center of 3-petal flowers. Sew larger pearl beads in center of 3 rings and center of large 6-petal flowers. Weave in tail ends and block flat.

Attaching the ties and clasp:

To make the ties: Cut two strands of purple woven cotton or synthetic leather string 4.5” long. Attach to butterfly rings with silver wire as shown in photograph above. Use needle-nose pliers to attach crimpers to ends of strings. With crimpers, attach clasp set to the strings.