Friday, July 17, 2015

Quick and Simple Crochet Top

Here's yet another sleeveless top that can be completed in one day! I used 3.5mm hook and 4-ply cotton. This top is crocheted from the bottom up, in the round, then in rows to make the front, fasten off. Then join to make the back, also in rows, fasten off. The trim around the neck/armholes is made next, followed by the hem around the bottom.

The straps of the top are crocheted separately. I used four strands of cotton yarn and a large hook, 5mm. I made one long strap woven through the front neckline and tied at the back, so the straps can be adjusted easily. (See photo above).

Here (above) is the schematic and crochet symbol chart for the top. Take your own measurements. The stitch pattern is expressed here in crochet symbols, also showing the shaping for the armholes.

First step is to crochet a chain that goes all around your chest, with a small allowance of a half inch or one inch. Then work the stitch pattern in the round. You can also make a swatch to determine the gauge of the stitch pattern and use that to figure out how many stitches you need to make the size. A more detailed tutorial on this may be found on this page.

The photos below show the rest of the process, crocheting in the round, then splitting for the front and back of the top, then making the trim, a simple sc all around the neck and armholes. And then the hem worked in the round at the bottom of the top.

The last step is to make the straps and the ties at the bottom. The straps are made up of two strands of same colour 4-ply cotton, and two strands of different colour 4-ply cotton. Straps are crocheted chain about 32 inches long, woven along the edge of the top in front, then tied at the back so that the straps can be adjusted to fit.

The tie at the bottom of the top is made up of two strands of same colour 4-ply cotton. This is woven through the gaps of stitches along the bottom of the top. A wooden bead is threaded at the ends of the tie and knots secure in place.

This project is so easy to make. I finished this in one day!