Great pattern for a skirt, free from Drops

I love the clever design of this skirt! The pattern is from Drop Design and can be found on their website.
To adjust to larger size, I made a chain in multiples of 6 for each shell panel, a chain that fits me --- can be worn by wearing over the head then hang on the hips. (To be honest, sometimes I don't even follow multiples when making the foundation chain, I just make the chain in the size/length that I want and then work from that, adding or leaving out chains/stitches as needed when I start working the first row/round. This is just my way of improvising.).
I did all sorts of increase techniques to gradually increase the shaping of the skirt towards the hem - including a 2-tr over the 1-tr section of the pattern, and 6 tr over the 5 tr sections! I do it gradually, of course. :)

Instead of a ribbon, I used this lovely thin belt that came with a dress I got last month. :)
I want to use the basic stitch pattern to make a seamless cardigan. Next experiment. :)