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Great pattern for a skirt, free from Drops

I love the clever design of this skirt! The pattern is from Drop Design and can be found on their website . To adjust to larger size, I made a chain in multiples of 6 for each shell panel, a chain that fits me --- can be worn by wearing over the head then hang on the hips. (To be honest, sometimes I don't even follow multiples when making the foundation chain, I just make the chain in the size/length that I want and then work from that, adding or leaving out chains/stitches as needed when I start working the first row/round. This is just my way of improvising.). I did all sorts of increase techniques to gradually increase the shaping of the skirt towards the hem - including a 2-tr over the 1-tr section of the pattern, and 6 tr over the 5 tr sections! I do it gradually, of course. :) Instead of a ribbon, I used this lovely thin belt that came with a dress I got last month. :) I want to use the basic stitch pattern to make a seamless cardigan. Next experimen

Three acrylic-based yarns from Ice

Baby Model from Ice Yarns. Several weeks ago, these yarns from Ice Yarns in Turkey arrived. I ordered these in September and they arrived in November via regular mail. Yarn orders from Turkey to the Philippines via regular mail take about 2-3 months. Via EMS or UPS it would take only 5 to 10 days. These yarns are (1) Antipilling Color , 100% antipilling acrylic, 100 grams, 250 meters; (2) Super Sock , 75% superwash wool, 25% polyamide, 100 grams, 400 meters; and (3) Baby Model , 90% acrylic, 10% polyamide, 100 grams, 330 meters. Super Sock and AntiPilling Color . The Baby Model has a lovely patterns when crocheted consisting of blocks of colour and spots. However, I would consider this yarn to be the least in terms of quality --- it is a bit rough and has an unattractive sheen. I am using this yarn to make bags, hairbands and home decor. Amongst the three yarns, the Super Sock is the finest in terms of yarn weight and also the softest. This yarn would be most suita